A better Medway


Applications will only be accepted from properly constituted not-for-private-profit organisations, including:

  • voluntary and community sector groups and organisations
  • parish councils
  • charities
  • others such as community interest companies
  • or a combination of such groups working together, who hold a formal constitution or set of rules.

Funding will only be awarded to projects that provide community activities or services within the Medway area, which are of benefit to those who live, work or study in the Medway area.

Funded organisations must:

  • have a bank account requiring at least 2 unrelated signatories
  • be a constituted group with a volunteer management committee with a minimum of 3 unrelated members that meets at least 3 times a year.

You will be asked to commit to the following:

  • use of the marketing materials provided by Medway Council to promote the Medway Can campaign
  • share case studies of how you have increased engagement and awareness of the campaign that can be published on the Medway Can website
  • complete a one page report on how the funding has been used and its benefits to your community group or organisation
  • ensure your project does not contradict the council’s climate change initiatives, for example, funding will not be used to fund single use items.

We will not permit applications from organisations who want to:

  • distribute a profit
  • use the funding to promote any religious beliefs (but we welcome projects led by religious organisations, if they're for the good of the community.)
  • use the funding to exclusively pay salaries or other running costs.
  • give the grant to other people or organisations (onward grant making).
  • use the funding to support projects that have already started

Medway Council reserves the right to reject any application for any reason without offering an appeals process.