A better Medway

Many of us may enjoy a little drink or two now and again -  but no one likes waking up with a hangover. Use the Don’t Bottle it Up online survey to see how risky your level of alcohol consumption is. It takes just two minutes to complete and provides you with a score out of 40 -  how do you measure up?

Take part at dontbottleitup.org

The 'alcohol test' is available to anyone in Medway who would like to know how risky their drinking is, receive personalised advice online and find out where they can get support locally if needed. It's free, quick and confidential.

Top tips

  1. Try to have an alcohol free day every week
  2. Set yourself a limit and stick to it
  3. When bored, a workout or walk is better than a drink

There’s lots of alcohol-free alternatives that you could try all year round: