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How to cut sugar out of mealtimes

There’s lots of easy Sugar Smart steps we can add into our daily routine that aren’t time-consuming.

Being Sugar Smart is about making little changes to our diet that are easy stick to and can make all the difference for both you and your family’s health.

For example, checking labels on food packaging, cutting out some treats from your shopping list or swapping out sugary ingredients at meal time are all easy changes to make.

Mealtime changes        

By making some simple changes, you can cut down the amount of sugar you eat at mealtimes.


  • Swap sugary, artificially flavoured yoghurts for a bowl of low sugar jam and plain yoghurt
  • Keep to no more than 150ml of orange juice or swap to no-added sugar squashes
  • Ditch the sugary breakfast cereals for toast or porridge with a healthy topping of fresh fruit (like banana slices) or dried fruit (pineapple makes a delicious topping)


  • Swap calorie heavy sandwich fillings for ones that use plenty of salad
  • Use yoghurt-based dressings instead of ketchup
  • Have a currant bun instead of that blueberry muffin
  • Instead of crisps, try plain rice cakes or crackers spread with a low-fat cheese
  • Swap the full-fat can of drink for the no sugar option


  • Always check the nutritional information on jar sauces – they are well known for having lots of hidden sugars.
  • Try crumpets for tea. They’re great for the family and 1 crumpet is under 100 calories
  • Ketchup can have lots of sugar so always go for the low in sugar alternative – it still tastes great
  • Having a stir fry? Additions such as honey or sweetened sauces are not sugar-smart. Try spicing things up with ginger, chilli, garlic and onion

More recipe ideas

NHS Live Well has even more ideas on how to cut out sugar from your diet. There’s also great recipe ideas from Change 4 Life which are perfect for kids, including how to look out for 100 calorie snacks.

Help meeting your goals

Alongside recipes, we also run healthy weight services for all ages to support your lifestyle goals, from our Tri-for-You clubs for families to Fit-Fix for 13-17 year olds.

There’s also Medway Grows, helping Medway schools to grow their own veg by providing veggie packs. While Medway Cooks provides recipes designed by residents, helping to encourage nutritious meals

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