In support of National Walk to School Week from Monday 15 to Friday 19 May 2023, we're encouraging all schools in Medway to sign up to compete in our new active travel competition, the Walkin' N Wheelin' Challenge.

The campaign aims to inspire schools, families, and young adults to travel to school using active travel over the course of the 5-day event. This is to help create long-term green travel habits.

Once a school has signed up, monitoring progress is simple. Each morning, conduct a simple hands-up survey of how many pupils have actively travelled to school.

Active travel refers to:

  • walking
  • wheeling
  • cycling
  • scootering
  • park and stride (walking the last 10 minutes of the journey).

The schools with the highest percentage of active travel journeys over the 5-day event will win the coveted title and will receive a personalised certificate as part of a photo presentation and news release. Winners will be recognised in both primary and secondary school categories. 

All participating schools will receive an e-certificate in recognition of their active travel commitment.

How to sign up

To take part, you must complete the Walkin' N Wheelin' registration form with your school's details.

Once you have filled in the registration form, email it to before the start date of the competition on Monday 15 May 2023.

Download the Walkin' N Wheelin' Challenge 2023 registration form

Read our data protection and privacy policy.

Once your registration form has been received, you'll have access to our free Walkin' N Wheelin' e-resources to help inspire your classes and run the campaign.

These include:

  • bespoke promotional banners
  • posters
  • results log
  • wordsearch
  • scavenger hunt.

To encourage pupils to become more involved, you could nominate ‘campaign ambassadors’ to conduct the survey.

How to submit your results

After you have registered your school's details, you will receive a resource pack including a class tally for teachers (or campaign ambassadors) to use during the competition.

Every day, each class will need to conduct a simple hands-up survey to see how many pupils have travelled to school using active travel.

The results can then be collated at the end of the week and added to the Walkin' N Wheelin' school results table, which will also be provided in your resource pack.

Results should be emailed to with your school’s name included in the subject header, no later than Friday 26 May 2023, to be entered into the competition.

Other active school travel initiatives

As well as the Walkin' N Wheelin' Challenge, there are various school events throughout the year that help to promote active travel.

Find out more on the following websites:

You can also email us at for more information on active travel.