This year we are delighted to welcome some of the best festival bands on the folk circuit.

About the bands

Headliners Kimber's Men return from a tour of Australia to show why they are regarded as the best sea shanty group around (Fishermans’ Friends are big fans).

Formerly based in Kansas, USA, Truckstop Honeymoon are no strangers to Rochester having played Sweeps and the River Festival in the past. Their hard hitting and humorous songs are delivered with a deadpan comedy on guitar, banjo and double bass.

Track Dogs from Madrid have proved to be Sweeps favourites for the last three years and the four piece band who specialise in harmonies, original songs and audience participation continue to create a following.

Banter are one of the best English ceilidh bands around and their appeal isn’t confined to dance music. If you want to see a drummer playing drums and trumpet at the same time they are the band for you.

Closer to home, the talent that Medway and its surrounds is reflected in the number of singers and groups who can reflect the diverse art of the region. JCC & The Shoal, Rachel Lowrie, Ani Graves, Hobo Jones, Foot Down, The Flowing, The Lost Revellers, Lowly Strung, Hot Rats, Thee Scarecrows, Paul Corcoran and of course Funke & The Two Tone Baby are amongst many that would grace any stage or festival in this country and abroad.

We are proud to present such a diverse and talented group of musicians who all make Rochester Sweeps Festival the unique event that it is.

Ceilidh bands

  • Banter
  • Swing The Bridge
  • Foot Down

Original folk

  • Truckstop Honeymoon
  • Track Dogs
  • Oakland Brothers
  • Glymjack
  • The Strangers
  • Adam Beattie & The Consultants
  • Nigel Hobbins & The Dreamlanders

Traditional and harmony groups

  • Kimber's Men
  • Hog Eye Men
  • Morrigan
  • Milton Hide
  • Skinners Rats
  • Ian Petrie and Ted Handley
  • Pytchwood
  • Capella

World roots

  • Hot Rats
  • Two Man Ting
  • Lost Revellers
  • Dartford Folk Massif
  • Fiddlefit
  • The Caramellos
  • Gypskazz
  • Jumbo Gumbo

Folk rock

  • 40 Shillings On The Drum
  • Bounty Hounds
  • Shedness
  • Missouri Gutts
  • Tin Foil Hats
  • The Playbacks

Folk comedy

  • Fabulous Fezheads
  • Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs
  • Thee Scarecrows

Celtic bands

  • Kelter
  • Jones Boys


  • Funke & The Two Tone Baby
  • Rachel Lowrie
  • Ed Hopwood
  • Tom Heath
  • Kelly Stanley & The Company
  • Bob Kenward
  • Sally Ironmonger
  • The Tree Huggers
  • Stella & The Loft

Indie folk

  • JCC & The Shoal
  • The Flowing
  • Rosie Eade
  • More Than Echoes
  • C.J.
  • Hobo & The Hippies (to be confirmed)


  • The Lowly Strung
  • Ryegrass Union