Saturday 2 May: Cancelled | Sweeps Festival programme and performers | Medway Council

Saturday 2 May: Cancelled


  • Guildhall Museum Forecourt: The Mayor of Medway will officially open the festival, which will be followed by a dance showcase at Boley Hill Stage: Pytchwood (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Castle Gardens Stage: Hot Rats (world roots)
  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Hog Eye Men (traditional and harmony groups)
  • Moondance: Songwriters' Den on the Road (contemporary folk)

11.20am: Boley Hill Stage: Rachel Lowrie (singer/songwriters)

11.30am: Cathedral Crypt: The Playbacks (folk rock)


  • Castle Gardens Stage: The Fabulous Fezheads (folk comedy)
  • Boley Hill Stage: The Silver Darlings (traditional and harmony groups)
  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Jonica Love (original folk)


  • Gordon House Hotel: The Bounty Hounds (folk rock)
  • Crown Freehouse: Fiddlefit (world roots)
  • King's Head: Davey Slater Gathering (celtic bands)
  • Eagle Tavern: Skinners Rats (traditional and harmony groups)
  • Coopers Arms: Crisis 2 followed by Drumskullz (percussion)
  • Boley Hill Stage: Kelly Stanley & Company at 12.40 (singers/songwriters)
  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: The Caramellos at 12.45 (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Castle Gardens Stage: Glymjack at 1.15pm (original folk)
  • Boley Stage: Bob Kenward; Milton Hide at 1.15pm (traditional and harmony groups)
  • Ye Arrow: Swing The Bridge (ceilidh bands)
  • Cathedral Crypt: Helen North (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Boley Hill Stage: Bob Kenward (traditional and harmony groups)


  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: The Silver Darlings (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Boley Hill Stage: Milton Hide (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Man of Kent Alehouse: The Beard Conspiracy (world roots)
  • Oliver's Bar & Restaurant: Oakland Brothers (original folk)
  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: CJ & Dave Reay (indie folk)


  • Cathedral Crypt: The Flowing (indie folk)
  • Flippin’ Frog: Morrigan (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Castle Gardens Stage: The Lowly Strung (bluegrass)
  • Boley Hill Stage: The Caramellos (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Boley Hill Stage: Nigel Hobbins & The Dreamlanders (original folk)
  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Kelly Stanley & Company (singers/songwriters)


  • Castle Gardens Stage: Sur Les Docks (folk rock)
  • Gordon House Hotel: Tanglefoot followed by McManigan Academy of Irish Dancers (traditional dance)

3.45pm: City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Pytchwood (traditional and harmony groups)


  • Boley Hill Stage: The Playbacks (folk rock)
  • Eagle Tavern: Thee Scarecrows (folk comedy)
  • Ye Arrow: The Fabulous Fezheads (folk comedy)
  • Crown Freehouse: The Bounty Hounds (folk rock)
  • King's Head: Fiddlefit (world roots)
  • Flippin' Frog: Hog Eye Men (traditional and harmony groups)


  • City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Davey Slater Gathering at Castle Gardens Stage: We Ghosts (world roots)


  • Oliver’s Bar & Restaurant – Rosie Eade (indie folk)
  • Gordon House Hotel: The Silver Darlings (traditional dance)
  • Flippin' Frog - Milton Hide (traditional and harmony groups)

6pm: Moondance: Oakland Brothers (original folk)

8pm: Gordon House Hotel: The Lowly Strung B plus Sur Les Docks (folk rock)


  • Coopers Arms – The Oakland Brothers (original folk)
  • Man of Kent Alehouse – Glymjack (original folk)
  • Two Brewers – We Ghosts (world roots)
  • Flippin' Frog – Rosie Eade (indie folk)

11.30pm: Gordon House Hotel: Some Kinda Cultcha (roots disco)

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