Candice, Learner Services Coordinator, Medway Adult Education Service tells us about the online enrolment project.

What needed to be transformed

Prior to transformation, all learners had to book their courses either over the phone or in person. This project aimed to make the enrolment process more convenient for the customer while saving time for staff.

Who was involved in the transformation project

Sage Ayilara and Jade Selby from the Digital Transformation Team worked with Carole Nisbet, Hilary Treays and the ICT team. The online facility was developed with Aqua, the supplier who provides the management information system for Medway Adult Education. Other staff at MAE were involved in the specification for, and user acceptance testing of, the online solution.

What has happened

Hillary and Carole had a discussion with the team about their requirements. The final result is a highly effective and user friendly experience where customers can now:

  • browse course information and make enquiries online
  • complete their enrolment application
  • pay the full fee or select a concession (if eligible)
  • pay by credit card, debit card or standing order
  • enrol on a course with a special code after an initial assessment (if an assessment is required)

How this has benefited employees

The main impact for colleagues is the reduction in time spent processing enrolments, freeing up more time to help our customers.

Impact on our customers

Customer feedback says that it is more convenient to be able to enrol online at home at a time that suits them. We’re also getting more new learners since online enrolment has been introduced.

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