Jan, Leadership Development Consultant explains more about the Leadership Academy.

What needed transforming and why

The project aims to support our transformation journey through embedding a culture of empowerment, engagement and innovation through excellence in leadership.

Where our leaders are developed and enabled to lead by example through change and empower their staff to achieve extraordinary results.

Who is involved in the project

Jan, who works in the Internal Communications and Engagement Team has developed the academy using key facilitators who are experts in their field from national organisations such as Engage for Success and the CIPD.

 We've been focussing on our four key leadership behaviours which are Empowerment, Engagement, Innovation and Digital first.

What’s happened

The academy supports managers to lead individuals and teams through transformational and organisational change by providing a series of bespoke learning experiences. 

Effect on customers

Managers fed back that learning through the Leadership Academy has had a positive effect on service delivery through enabling transformational change.

Over 90% say they feel better equipped to lead their teams and individuals through change.

Jan for the leadership academy