Redmond and David from the Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation (RCET division) Business Intelligence Team explain the project.

What needed transforming

The Adult Social Care division collects a lot of information when delivering services to their customers.

This information is complex as different packages of care, often for the same customer, start and finish at different times depending on their care needs.

The Adult Social Care management team wanted to better understand demands on their services, where they could improve process for their customers and where there might be cost pressures.

The solution had to make use of the extensive data that Adult Social Care hold in Frameworki; ensuring that this complex information could be managed in an automated way to help make decisions.

Who was involved

Working with colleagues from Adult Social Care, the RCET Business Intelligence Team led on the concept, design and implementation of pilot business intelligence dashboards.

What has happened

The Team used Power BI - an extension to the Council’s Microsoft Office 365 suite. 

Power BI is a business intelligence analysis tool that is able to handle hundreds of thousands of lines of raw data and add value by categorising, calculating and visualising information to give insight. 

Working with colleagues in Adult Social Care, interactive business intelligence dashboards were developed to provide analysis into things like costs pressures, number of service users, number of care packages open and the average cost of those packages over time.

These insights can be shared with those members of staff who need the analysis to help the Adult Social Care Division improve service operations.

How the change has benefited employees

Creating these dashboards has allowed quicker access to information about the number of users who are receiving Adult Social Care and the impact this has on customer services and financial costs. It is helping to turn complex data the service already had into information that can be used to make informed decisions.

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