Buki, Delivery Manager, introduces Leisure e-Joining.

What needed transforming

There were two goals for this project. Firstly, we wanted to give our customers access to practical online services that were convenient to them as part of the Smart Medway strategy.

Secondly, to provide a smarter, mobile and more collaborative working environment for colleagues in the leisure service with a view to reducing manual intervention.

Who was involved in the project

The development and implementation of the project was the result of a successful collaboration between leisure colleagues and members of the transformation team.

What happened

The project team assessed and analysed the various ways our customers were able to gain access to the services provided by Leisure, from this it was identified that online joining and online bookings were not offered. 

The project team implemented a cloud-based solution called ‘ClarityLive’, this has resulted in the council being able to provide a high level of service to our customers while optimising council resources.

Our customers now have a highly secure online resource where they are able to enter their information, select their membership type and if required set up a paperless direct debit confident their personal information is protected.

Impact on customers

Since the implementation of these online services customers can now access online services at a time that suits them.

In addition to the e-joining feature, our customers are now able to book, pay and cancel activities online.

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