Supported lodgings is a scheme which aims to offer safe and secure lodgings to vulnerable young people, aged between 16 and 25 years old whilst they prepare for independent living. 

In most cases, the young people on the scheme will be those who are currently being looked after or have been looked after by children’s services and who are in the process of leaving the care system.

They can sometimes include children and young people experiencing family breakdown. They may need temporary accommodation, while the local authority works with their family to resolve the situation and help their return home.

Within the supported lodgings household, the young person will get family-based support and advice to find education employment, or training. They will develop the confidence and skills to live independently.

The role of a supported lodgings provider

Supported lodgings carers provide an opportunity for young people (16 to 17 year olds at risk of homelessness and care leavers over 18) to live in their home, and to help them develop the practical skills and emotional maturity they need to move on to independent living.

All you need is a spare room in your safe and supportive family home and the time to teach simple skills to a young person. Every young person is different, but they may need help with:

  • getting into education, training, or work
  • managing money or shopping
  • learning to cook and do housework
  • attending appointments
  • building confidence
  • relationships

Who can become a supported lodgings provider

Supported lodgings providers can be in full time employment, single, a couple or a family.

The accommodation they offer should be a furnished bedroom in a domestic house. They must provide a toilet, bathroom, cooking and laundry facilities as part of the household. There should also be good public transport links.

Supported lodgings providers need a range of skills, such as:

  • be able to guide and nurture young people
  • have an understanding of the problems facing young people who have experienced trauma and disruption in their lives
  • realistic expectations of the young people living in their home, have patience and a sense of humour
  • be flexible and willing to adapt to new situations
  • be able to work as part of a team and recognise and review their own strengths and weaknesses

Payment for supported lodgings providers

As a supported lodgings provider, you'll be paid £200 per week per child or young person. This is the fee offered when a young person moves in with you. This fee represents payment for room rent and support offered to the young person.