You can only become an approved foster carer for one agency at a time.

If you're thinking of leaving your current agency, we're happy to discuss the benefits of fostering with a local authority.

Your assessment with us will consist of:

  • information provided by your current agency including your Form F
  • statutory checks
  • some updated sessions with a social worker

This usually results in your assessment being completed before the 3 to 4 month time scale. 

How to transfer to us

If you do not have a child or children placed with you and want to transfer you will need to:

  1. tell your current fostering agency in writing that you plan to leave
  2. contact us about transferring to Medway, we'll begin your assessment once you’ve told your current agency (the assessment will take 2 to 3 months)
  3. deregister from your fostering agency before being approved at Medway
  4. register with Medway Council’s agency

If you have a child placed with you, and you want to transfer you will need to give written notice to your current agency and Medway Council about transferring.

After you've given written notice:

  1. we will inform the child’s Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) of the change of agency
  2. a meeting will be arranged within 28 days and will be attended by professionals from the current service, the recruiting service and you - as the foster carer
  3. we will talk you through the transfer period (the children placed with you will be able to live with you even after you change agency)
  4. a transfer date and the dates of a panel will be agreed
  5. you must register for the child to remain in placement, so an agreed date of registration with us and the end of the old agency will be agreed

Read The Fostering Network's transfer of foster carers protocol.