Welcome from Ian Sutherland
Director of People (Children and Adults)

Thank you for your interest in working in Medway Children’s Services.

I am proud to be the Director of Children and Adult Services in a place which strives to put children at the centre of everything we do. We have faced some difficult challenges over the past six months and were very disappointed in our Ofsted ruling following our inspection in July 2019. We are determined to improve our services and we have the support of our Council to do this quickly – we have already taken positive steps with additional resources to help us to reduce our workloads and improve our practice.

We have a great team of staff who were commended by Ofsted for their dedication and commitment and we will continue to support them to do a good job.

We passionately believe in supporting children to remain in their families wherever possible. We have a commitment to work alongside children and their families and know that building relationships are the key to achieving positive change.

Medway is an exciting place to work and will offer you a range of challenges and experiences, which will develop your career. We know that good support, training and development opportunities, along with manageable workloads are what motivates practitioners.

We are fully committed to work with our frontline staff to help to influence, shape and develop our improvement journey.

If you want to make a positive difference to children and families, please come and be part of our team. Together, we can help to deliver the Council priority of ‘Supporting Medway’s people to realise their potential’.

Ian Sutherland, Director of People (Children and Adults)

Our vision

Our services will support children and young people in Medway to feel safe and secure, and any decision we make will be in their best interests and made in collaboration with them and their families. We want children and families to be able to access the right services at the right time to meet their needs, from robust early help services through to intensive and purposeful interventions to support children in need of protection and their families, with a focus on achieving a permanent family for children in care.

We will achieve this by building strong relationships and working with children and families, recruiting a skilled and permanent workforce, and establishing strong networks with our partners to maximise the use of all available resources.

We want to create a culture of ambition, professional respect and commitment to deliver quality services which achieve positive change for families.