Our vision

Our services will support children, young people and families in Medway to feel safe and secure. Any decisions taken will be in their best interests and made through collaboration with them and their families. We want children and families to be able to access the right services at the right time to meet their needs: from robust early help services through to intensive and purposeful interventions to support children in need of protection and their families, with a focus on achieving a permanent family for children in care. 

We'll achieve this by:

  • building strong relationships through working with children and families
  • recruiting a skilled and permanent workforce
  • establishing strong networks with all those who have a responsibility for safeguarding children including our partners, to maximise the use of all available resources.

We'll listen to children and young people, to create:

  • a culture of ambition
  • professional respect
  • commitment to deliver quality services which achieve positive change for families.

Welcome from Dr Lee-Anne Farach, Director of People (Children and Adults)

Thank you for your interest in working in Medway Children’s Services.

I am proud to be the Director of Children and Adult Services in a place which strives to put children at the centre of everything we do.

Following the disappointing Ofsted ruling in July 2019, improvements have really accelerated here in Medway. We were pleased to receive recognition by the government-appointed commissioner, Eleanor Brazil, at the end of the year. She praised our ‘relentless drive on recruitment and retention’, saying that it had made a positive different to staff confidence and morale. 

I am fully committed to work with our staff to help further influence, shape and develop our improvement journey.

Improvement measures introduced to date include:

  • the relaunch of a career progression scheme for social workers
  • embedding Signs of Safety
  • establishing a permanent management team
  • strengthening internal leadership
  • restructuring teams into smaller sections to allow staff to better keep in touch with managers and directors.

Medway is an exciting place to work and will offer you a range of challenges and experiences, which will develop your career. We know that good support, training and development opportunities, along with manageable workloads are what motivates practitioners.

If you want to make a positive difference to children and families, we would love to hear from you.

Welcome from Darryl Freeman, Interim Assistant Director Children's Services

I would echo Lee-Anne’s comments, and thank you for your interest in working for Medway.

I’ve been the interim Assistant Director since early April 2021 and have been very impressed by the passion and commitment of colleagues here. I keep meeting colleagues who have worked here for many years as well as colleagues who started as temps and have become permanent.

Caseloads for most are very manageable and teams are small so that management support and supervision is readily available to practitioners. A career progression scheme is in place and the wellbeing of colleagues has been a top priority during this past difficult year, and will remain so in the future.

Of course, we know the best place for children to grow up and achieve their dreams and ambitions is with their families. But where this cannot happen, we use Signs of Safety as our model of intervention. We are working to make sure the right children are receiving the correct services in the right part of the organisation.

We are dedicated to realising your career development and supporting your health and wellbeing so you can achieve and be the best you can be too. I look forward to welcoming you to team Medway, working with you and supporting you to realise your ambition on behalf of all the children of Medway.