It can be hard getting used to managing your own money, but your personal adviser can help you get started and manage your daily living costs. They will also make sure you’re getting all the right financial support.

Your personal adviser will also discuss what financial support you’re entitled to as a care leaver.

We have a partnership agreement with the local jobcentre who has a dedicated person to support care leavers. Your personal adviser will help you make contact with this service if you need it.

Help paying for services when you leave care

You may be able to get help with the costs of paying for:

Managing savings

When you were in care you should have been getting allowances and had money put into a savings account or a Junior ISA opened for you. You’ll be able to access these savings when you turn 18.

Saving can be hard but your personal adviser can help you organise a budget plan and be involved in your spending if you’d like. You can also get money saving advice on GOV.UK.