A great maritime heritage

In Medway you are walking in the footsteps of a rich military and maritime heritage. 

Chatham and its Historic Dockyard to the second oldest Cathedral in England at Rochester. And why not catch up with our castles, find our fort and chill along our coastline?

Inspiring innovation

Medway has a focus on high value technology and knowledge intensive businesses making it a leading centre for innovation in the south east.  Our new business growth rate outstrips both the national and south-east averages creating great employment opportunities for local people.

With four university campuses, 12,000 students and successful digital businesses we are cultivating our creative and cultural gene. 

The River Medway

The river is the beating heart of Medway.

Today the River Medway is the focal point for regeneration in Medway with stunning residential, leisure and business developments. We’re making the most of the river for leisure and tourism whilst caring for our important wetlands.

Our river has been the catalyst for Medway’s regeneration. We are a place of history but very much a place of tomorrow.

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