Day of the event

The day of the event is finally here. There's just a few more things to do:

  • hold a final team briefing to include stewards, marshals and security staff. These must be Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited where appropriate
  • erect temporary road signage in accordance with traffic management plan, signage schedule and working on the highway risk assessment
  • if you're holding your event on Medway Council land, ensure all fairground equipment certification has been checked by a suitable council officer before use by the general public. The certification of fairground rides on private land is the responsibility of your event planning group

At the end of the event:

  • ensure waste is disposed of at the site
  • remove all traffic management and signage as agreed by Medway Council Traffic Management or Highways
  • remove litter left by people that came along to the event
  • hold a debrief to establish any lessons you've identified or amendments to be made to Event Management Plan next time you run an event