A better Medway

The Mental Health at Work website aims to be the first stop for better mental health at work.  

Organised by Mind and funded by The Royal Foundation as part of their Heads Together campaign the site features resources and toolkits from a number of organisations including the CIPD, ACAS, Business in the Community and others. 

Resources cover both large and small businesses as well as those working from home or remotely and a range of mental health topics.  You can find training, policy examples, promotional materials and much more. Some resources are free, and others are provided by partners who charge for their services.

The site also features case studies from businesses including none other than Kent and Medway based Southeastern Railway for their great work with their Mental Health Advocate programme.

In addition to the Case Studies and Resources available employers can also make The Mental Health at Work Commitment to six standards for better mental health in the workplace which are in line with recommendations in the Business in the Community Mental Health Toolkit.

Since mental health in a pressing issue for employers all over the UK, with 300,000 leaving jobs because of long-term mental health problems each year and 2 in 5 employees reporting poor mental health in the past year, we welcome this great place to find resources and advice.