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Thank you to our staff

Our priority has been to keep the people of Medway safe and ensure that we continue to deliver the essential services that you need. 

We’d like to thank council staff who’ve been working hard to keep your services going – whether on the front line or supporting them. 

These are some of the things we’ve been doing:

  • we received 20,000 calls into our call centre in the last month  
  • we delivered 2,432 food parcels (that's 76,377 meals) and fed 3,637 people
  • we processed 2,000 business grant applications and issued grants of nearly £24 million
  • accommodation was found for more than 40 rough sleepers
  • more than 100 schools stayed open for qualifying children
  • 80% of shows in Medway theatres have been rescheduled
  • over 13,000 digital library items have been borrowed, including over 8,000 emagazines and enewspapers, and over 4,000 ebooks
  • 2,089 people listened to Facebook storytime readings and 1,174 people listened to Facebook poetry reading
  • our Facebook posts had a combined reach of 8.9 million, and one post reached 201,000 people
  • 5,000 tonnes of kerbside waste was collected from 1 to 14 April, this is a 40% increase compared to 2019

The Coronavirus Medway Support service is providing a lifeline.

Councillor Alan Jarrett
Leader of Medway Council

Thank yous

Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

Medway Council’s Housing Team has been congratulated by MHCLG for the fantastic response and success of our rough sleeper initiative to find temporary accommodation for rough sleepers in Medway.

From Medway residents

Here are some of the lovely messages of thanks we’ve received from people in Medway:

Information excellent, keep up the good work and thanks to everyone.
I loved doing the 10 minute exercises.
Thanks to all Council employees who are keeping essential services going.

We received this email from a school:

4 May 2020
Hi Lauren and team

I would like to say a huge thank you from our Headteacher and myself for the packs you have supplied us with. They have been a fantastic resource to use as a reason to knock on doors and get to see children that we wanted to see and ensure they are ok. 

The children have been delighted to receive them and I have some thank you letters from them that I will ask the office to scan and send to you.

A mother of an SEN child was saying that he would not engage in any school work so she was not going to bother, after receiving the pack, he was pulling her away from the door to come and read his new book to him!

Thank you so much for all your time and effort preparing the packs and for your continued support.

Kind Regards
[name redacted]

We received this email from a resident:

3 May 2020
Dear Mr Davies,

I hope you are the correct person to write to, to express my thanks for the work of Medway's Trading Standards Officers. I run a mobile phone shop in Gillingham High Street and they have helped me massively with the Covid closure controls.

Ian Gilmore advised me how I could operate a repair only service and still keep my business going during the Covid closures. He explained the difficult law to me and took time to work out how it effected my shop and worked out ideas of how I could trade safely and legally.

I have seen him and the trading standards officers in Council uniforms down the High Street making sure that shops complied with the law and making sure people are protected from illegal businesses. I was impressed by this as it put themselves at risk but really showed Medway Council was protecting people and made sure the rules are fair on all businesses.

If you could please pass on my thanks to Ian and all the officers who are working down the High Street I would be very grateful. They are an asset to your Council and local businesses in this dangerous time.

Thank you.
[name redacted]

We received this letter from a resident:

9 April 2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday because we are both extremely vulnerable and could not get food deliveries we filled in the Kent Together form online.

Within two hours I received a call from Claire at Medway Council, who was very kind and understanding. 4 of my family were key workers and had now gone down with the virus so we had no assistance with shopping and prescriptions.

We had expected to wait 48 hours for a few essential items but were surprised to receive a parcel today, containing fresh fruit and vegetables, packets and tinned foods. We are so humbled that kind people had given up their time to pack and deliver to us, and would like to make a donation to help towards the cost.

Thank you to all concerned in helping us, from two very grateful pensioners.
signed [name redacted]

We received this letter from a resident:

Hello Medway Council 

I had a call a few weeks ago about some concerns for my daughter. A very kind lady spoke to us and asked to speak to my daughter, she really put my 11 year old at ease about coronavirus and now my daughter keeps asking when is the kind lady going to call again. I am not asking for a call from social services ever again but wanted to say thanks for this lady taking the time to speak to my daughter, she shared ideas about keeping busy and keeping safe. This social worker ... even sent a booklet out. Which my 11 year old really enjoyed.

My daughter would like to send her a picture of a rainbow.

Where can we send this to? 

Donate to the Medway coronavirus appeal