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Children and families need permanence and security. As do social workers.

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Children and families need permanence and security. As do social workers.

We offer a great benefits package, competitive salary, manageable case loads and professional development opportunities.

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Social Worker (Experienced level) - Adolescent Team
Salary up to £42,032 per annum, inclusive of market premia
Closing date: 7 March 2021
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Benefits package

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“You don’t have to travel far to make a big impact. ”

- Principal social worker

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Our offer to you

You'll get strong support from colleagues and leaders.

Through regular forums with the senior management team we have established a culture of listening with our teams.

Managers also attend and support home visits with front line staff to understand their day-to-day concerns.

You’ll be treated as an individual and supported by regular one-to-one supervision and coaching.

You'll also receive support through:

  • group supervision

  • case consultation

  • service-wide development events (coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions permitting).

Newly qualified social workers will receive more regular contact and supervision to develop skills and confidence in the role.

We offer a range of flexible working arrangements.

Options include:

Hot desking

You will be able to use any available desk that has been set up for this purpose. The hot desk may be configured for workers with laptops: it may have a docking station, screen and keyboard.

It enables any worker who is required to hot-desk to sit at any compatible hot-desk and access all the information they require, thereby allowing them to work at any Medway site, provided a hot desk is available.

Blended working

Combining working at the office and at home as requirements dictate and allow.

Flexi-time scheme

Enabling you to work flexible working hours and accrue up to 2 flexi days in a 4-week period. This is subject to manager's agreeing core hours of work.

9-day fortnight

This enables full-time workers to condense their working week over 9 days instead of 10. This is subject to line manager agreement

We offer an essential user allowance of up to £1,239 per year with the option of transferring to a lease car following completion of your probationary period.

Other travel allowances we offer:

  • up to £2,000 interest-free loan to buy an annual train season ticket

  • up to £1,000 interest-free loan to buy a bicycle up to the value of £1,000.

We'll develop your skills, expertise and confidence at every stage of your career.

Our career progression scheme aims to support you with:

  • developing skills, expertise and confidence at every stage of your career

  • opportunities to agree a learning and development plan linked to your annual performance development review. Annual performance reviews recognise and reward the acquisition and application of additional specialist knowledge and skills

  • progression in your career with us, using your knowledge and experience to make a difference for children and families in Medway

  • meeting Social Work England Professional Standards

  • progression between levels.

Progression from social worker to experienced social worker

This will be dependent on submitting a portfolio of evidence.

Progression to the role of senior practitioner

This is through a portfolio and interview process.

Progression to the roles of team manager and group manager

These are through an interview and presentation.

Leadership programmes are also available as we are dedicated to developing leadership in our first line managers.

You'll work with many local families in the area and become part of the Medway community.

We listen to children and young people to create a culture of ambition, professional respect and commitment to deliver quality services which achieve positive change for families.

Your workload will be balanced and appropriate ensuring no more than 15 cases are assigned to you at any one time.

This is supported by an extensive programme of training. This will be enhanced by a core offer of skills and a knowledge-based training programme relevant to the role and service needs.

All new staff joining the Medway team will be supported through this training.

Because we're smaller, you can make a bigger difference.

Our teams are generally no larger than 6. You will therefore have close contact with your colleagues and manager.

Make it Medway

We offer a great benefits package, competitive salary, manageable caseloads and professional development opportunities.

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