Children's social work, here's how we see it in Medway...

We offer excellent support, training and development opportunities, along with manageable workloads including:

And when you feel valued, so will the families and children in your care.

We offer excellent support, training and development opportunities, career progression schemes, along with manageable workloads so you can achieve your full potential here at Medway.

Because of this, our long-standing staff members have made Medway their permanent home.

You'll get strong support from colleagues and leaders.

Through regular forums with the senior management team we've established a culture of listening with our teams. Managers also attend and support home visits with front line staff to understand their day-to-day concerns.

You’ll be treated as an individual and supported by regular individual supervision. You'll also receive support through group supervision, case consultation and service-wide development events (coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions permitting).

Newly qualified social workers will receive more regular contact and supervision to develop skills and confidence in the role.

You'll have the direct opportunity to contribute to the direction and development of the service.

We are fully committed to work with our frontline staff to help to influence, shape and develop our improvement journey.

There will be extensive opportunities to contribute to the direction and development of the service.

Our commitment to you is that your voice will be heard and acted upon.

Our teams are generally no larger than 6.

This means you will have close contact with your colleagues and manager.

Our teams are small and close knit, and this is something our staff really value.

We enjoy working in a genuinely nice, supportive and friendly team who support each other to make a difference to local families and the lives of local children.

We're committed to a target of 12 to 15 average case loads.

Your workload will be balanced and appropriate ensuring no more than 15 cases are assigned to you at any one time.

We listen to our staff and the families they support. We believe a lower more manageable caseload allows you to make more of an impact and grow stronger relationships with the families and children in your care.

Your time can be more focused and dedicated to what truly makes a difference.

Signs of Safety

We are implementing Signs of Safety as our practice model, which is supported by an extensive programme of training. This will be enhanced by a core offer of a skills and knowledge-based training programme relevant to the role and service needs.

All new staff joining the Medway team will be supported through this training.

As part of the Signs of Safety programme, further advanced training is also available. There is a dedicated support role within the team to help all staff participating in the training.

Practice educating

We also encourage practice educating to support our learning culture and help bring new talent into the organisation.

We run a Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS) stage 1 and stage 2 course annually. This ensures that you'll have an opportunity to undertake the qualification within your employment if you wish.

We pride our selves on creating a supportive culture built around learning.

This means we continually review our processes, procedures and language we use.

The language we use is constructive and blame-free. We support staff to take on board feedback as part of the culture of development.

We aim to provide a safe, stable and secure environment for you to thrive.

You'll work with many local families and become part of the Medway community.

We listen to our community of parents, children and young people to create a culture of ambition, professional respect and commitment to deliver quality services which achieve positive change for local families.

Our teams facilitate and attend a number of local Early Help Hubs, Children in Care Councils and parental groups and forums.