Medway's first Festival of Literature runs from Saturday 21 August 2021 to Saturday 28 August 2021. It will take place through live, coronavirus (COVID-19) safe events. 

The festival celebrates the written and spoken word in all its forms, by bringing together bestselling and well-renowned authors, poets, and performers to visit our historic town. They will share their inspiration, enthusiasm, and creativity to inspire children and adults to read for pleasure. 

The festival will also feature expert-led workshops for you to explore your own word and creative powers. 

To book on to any of the events:

About the workshop

We will be using the nearby river as a metaphor to explore the ways in which creative writing can flow, change and hide surprises beneath its surface.

The River Medway also carries stories from our history and we will use those stories as a starting point for our own writing.

This workshop is for adults.

Event details

The event will take place at Chatham Community Hub, Chatham Library on Thursday 26 August.


The workshop will start at 2pm and finish at 4pm.

To book your place phone 01634 337 799.

About the show

This group of mischievous cavemen will be spreading an environmental message.

They will be wandering around Chatham Community Hub and the town centre.

This team will have you laughing and running to the recycling bin as they tell the tale of their time frozen in ice to being awoken into a world of plastic problems to be solved.

Event details

The event will be a walkabout from Chatham Community Hub towards and around the town centre on Friday 27 August.


Look out for the cavemen wanderings starting from Chatham Community Hub at:

  • 10.30am
  • 12.30pm
  • 2.30pm.

About the workshop

This workshop is for families to come along and have fun with words and get creative without trying.

Fun with words productions was formed by Sam Rapp, The Dyslexic Poet.

This workshop is for ages 7 years and above.

Event details

The event will take place at Chatham Community Hub, Chatham Library on Friday 27 August.


  • workshop 1: 1pm to 2pm
  • workshop 2: 2.30pm to 3.30pm
  • workshop 3: 4pm to 5pm.

To book a place at any of the workshops, phone 01634 337 799.