SaplingWhat we want to achieve

The development of a robust financial strategy that will support our transition to a net zero carbon future. 

How we will do this

We have set out a range of actions for how Medway can respond to the climate emergency. These range from actions that the council will take to lead by example, to those that will support the community to take action.

Some of the key actions are highlighted below.


Seek funding opportunities to support our Climate Change Action Plan and emissions reduction across Medway.


Submit a resourcing proposal for consideration ahead of budget setting for 2022 to 2023.


Work in partnership with other councils in Kent to evaluate options for a carbon offset fund and/or permanent crowdfunding space to support emission reduction projects.


Develop a way of calculating how much carbon is offset through nature-based processes (such as tree planting).

Read all the actions

To read all the actions in our plan:


Medway Tree Fund launched at the end of 2020. Anyone living, visiting, or working in Medway can donate towards the next generation of trees in Medway. The full cost of planting a tree is £350, although any amount can be donated. We will report on the amount of donations made and the number of trees planted at intervals throughout the year. Make a donation to the Medway Tree Fund online.

We sourced funding from the Climate Coalition to hold an electric vehicle event on 25 September 2021, to talk to the public about owning an electric vehicle in Medway.