EV chargingWhat we want to achieve

Local businesses are an important part of Medway’s journey to net zero carbon and can be leaders in innovating and adopting new practices. We want to help support businesses with their efforts to become more sustainable.

How we will do this

We have set out a range of actions for how Medway can respond to the climate emergency. These range from actions that the council will take to lead by example, to those that will support the community to take action.

Some of the key actions are highlighted below.


Engage and work with local businesses within Medway to work towards the net zero carbon target.

To achieve this, we will:

  • engage with local business owners through the Medway for Business network and residential homes or day care to develop awareness of the climate change action plan
  • work with the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and the Kent and Medway Growth Hub to provide information about net zero carbon to start-up businesses
  • develop and promote initiatives that will encourage and support businesses to recycle commercial waste, such as signposting to the upcycle your waste project.


Support and promote low carbon and circular economy opportunities to businesses in Medway

Watch a video explaining what the circular economy is:

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Encourage and acknowledge good practice, such as environmental excellence awards for businesses that show their commitment to sustainability and converting to a low carbon future.


Require new entrants to Innovation Park Medway to prioritise emission reductions, sustainability, and environmental considerations within their proposals.

Find out about Innovation Park Medway plans.


Engage with Medway's largest businesses and organisations to work jointly on initiatives that reduce energy use or generate renewable energy.


Develop the market for local business and local jobs to support the growing low carbon economy.


Promote eco-driving to businesses.  

Eco driving is the adoption of practices that make your driving more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. Read more about how you can drive more efficiently.

Read all the actions

To read all the actions in our plan:


Our Medway for Business webpage signposts to a range of low carbon support schemes, including Low Carbon Across the South East, Solar Together Kent, the Kent Realising Electric Vans Scheme and the Workplace Charging Scheme.

We have supported the Kent REVS Scheme, which offers businesses a free trial of an electric van. The scheme aims to help businesses be more comfortable switching to electric vehicles, as they would have had the opportunity to try them out and see that they are a viable option, without making any commitments.