Apple and booksWhat we want to achieve

Implement robust adaptation methods to ensure that we are prepared for a changing climate and that we accomplish resilience for all. As a Lead Local Flood Authority, we are responsible for developing, maintaining, and applying a local flood risk management strategy.

How we will do this

We have set out a range of actions for how Medway can respond to the climate emergency. These range from actions that the council will take to lead by example, to those that will support the community to take action.

Some of the key actions are highlighted below.


Continue to respond to engagement opportunities on the development of a Kent and Medway Climate Change Adaptation Programme and Implementation Plan.


Ensure that we are maintaining and updating a local flood risk management strategy, and that we incorporate the risk of flooding due to climate change in decision making.


Work in partnership with other risk management authorities (such as the Environment Agency) to reduce the risk of flooding from all sources.


Support emergency response partners and communities to plan, prepare, and exercise for future flood scenarios to reduce the consequences of flooding.


Ensure Medway’s Heatwave Plan and Cold Weather Plan are reviewed and updated annually.

Read all the actions

To read all the actions in our plan: