Published: Monday, 4th October 2021

Children and families across Medway will receive their child’s Medway Test results today, Monday, 4 October.

This year 3,574 children took the test including 1,936 Medway pupils.

The minimum score required to be assessed as suitable for admission to a Medway grammar school was 487, last year it was 483. The minimum score is determined by 23 per cent of the total Medway cohort (this year group consisted of 3,605 pupils). This year 833 Medway pupils were assessed as eligible for a grammar school place.

Up to an additional two per cent of the Medway cohort may also be deemed eligible for Medway grammar schools following the parental review process. Parents can request to have their child’s academic schoolwork reviewed by a panel of educationalists. The deadline to request a review is 4pm Monday, 11 October and the review will take place on Thursday, 14 October.

Wishing children all the best for the future

Cllr Martin Potter, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Education and Schools, said: “Well done to all the children who took the Medway Test this year. I am pleased that more Medway pupils have been assessed as suitable for grammar school. Medway has a great range of schools which will help all pupils achieve their full potential. Going to secondary school is a big step and I would like to wish all children in Medway the best for the future as they continue their education.”

The deadline for secondary school applications is 5pm on Sunday, 31 October and children and their families are encouraged to use all six preferences.

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