Published: Thursday, 7th April 2022

Two successful Medway pupils have been elected to become members of the British Youth Council UK Youth Parliament for 2022/24.

We would like to congratulate Jasir Ahmad and Ventsislav Lyubomirov for being elected by their fellow peers and young people in Medway, collectively receiving more than 2,000 votes, whilst up against 12 other applicants. We would also like to congratulate Gift Solola and Izumunachi Uzo-okonkwo, who have both been offered roles of Deputy Members of Youth Parliament, after coming in third and fourth place.

The UK Youth Parliament is run by young people, for young people, and provides eleven to 18-year-olds with an opportunity to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change.

Thousands of young people across Medway, from secondary schools and youth groups, applied to be a part of the election this year, with 7790 pupils from 17 secondary schools participating and Rochester Grammar School achieving the highest election turnout. 12 Medway candidates were nominated for the elections, and all received more than 400 votes each, in the February election.

The Make Your Mark and UK Youth Parliament election results saw more than 300 young people across the UK elected this year, from 434,492 young people who took part from more than 780 schools.

To highlight issues for the UK Youth Parliament to work on, Make Your Mark carry out the biggest national poll of young people in the UK, so see what matters they want raised. Education and Learning was the top issue raised by Medway’s children and young people, with climate education, free university education and additional mental health education as key topics.

Young people can also apply for Medway Youth Council

Cllr Josie Iles, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, said: “I would like to congratulate Jasir, Ventsislav, Gift and Izumunachi and wish them luck for this amazing experience they’re about to embark on. This is the first year that Medway pupils have been elected, so I’m eager to see their ideas come to life and make us all proud. I am so pleased with the number of Medway applicants and I would encourage all young people to consider this opportunity to represent where they live, in the future. Young people aged 11 to 18 can also apply for our own Medway Youth Council, to make a difference in the area. We ensure that Medway’s children and young people are given these opportunities, as part of our aspiration to become a Child-Friendly city, people children and young people at the heart of everything we do.”

Help my community and improve Medway

Elected UK Youth Parliament member, Ventsislav Lyubomirov, said: “I put myself forward to help my community and to improve Medway in a way, that will inspire other young people to do the same for their own community. Thank you for voting for me.”

I stand for climate change and poverty

Elected UK Youth Parliament member, Jasir Ahmad, said: “I am very passionate for this role and believe there are many issues in the UK which need fixing. My main aim is to stop violence directed towards the youth. However, I also stand for other issues such as climate change and tackling poverty.”

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