Published: Tuesday, 19th April 2022

More than 97 per cent of children in Medway who will be starting primary school in September have been offered a place at one of their top three preferences.

Today, Tuesday, 19 April, families will start finding out which primary or infant school their child has been offered for September 2022.

Every Medway child whose parents, carers or guardians applied on time has secured a place and 3,292 Medway children have been offered places.

More than 91 per cent of children were offered a place at their first-choice school.

The school admissions process for Medway is a huge task and involves us processing primary school applications for 3,414 children, including 122 children from outside the Medway area.

This year 99 per cent of families used our online application process to submit their preferences.

Incredibly exciting time for children

Cllr Josie Iles, Medway Council’s Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “I am pleased that more than 97 per cent of children have been offered a place at one of their top three preferred schools. This is an incredibly exciting time for children and their families and I wish them all the best as they start their education. We are committed to helping children learn well and achieve their full potential.

Excellent schools for families to choose from

Cllr Martin Potter, Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Education and Schools, said: “Starting primary school is a big milestone in a child’s life and I would like to wish all the children and their families the very best as they begin formal education and take the first steps of their school life. I would like to thank our schools and admissions team for all their hard work, and it’s wonderful to have so many excellent schools across Medway for families to choose, all of which supports our Child-Friendly Medway aspirations.”

If a family would like to appeal their child’s school place the appeal form should be emailed to the school, or to Medway Council, if the school is maintained by the local authority. There is a link in each child’s admissions offer email to the next steps guide which advises parents and carers where to return the forms. If a family decides to place their child on a waiting list for a school place forms should be returned to

Medway residents who have not submitted an application yet can still apply online. Please contact the School Admissions & Transport Team if you require a paper form or any assistance via

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