A collage of Christopher Tipping's work - the photos show a selection of text in urban areas.
Christopher Tipping's work
Published: Friday, 22nd July 2022

A new exhibition at Rochester Art Gallery explores place and the hidden stories behind some of Medway’s public art.

Artist Christopher Tipping has been collaborating and delivering creative projects in community spaces for more than 30 years.

You may have stepped over his artwork, in Chatham town centre or along the streets of Rochester Riverside and questioned what is it, what does it mean, where has it come from? It exists almost as a hidden history itself, just waiting to be found.

This exhibition uncovers the creative process behind these artworks.

The exhibition, guest curated by FrancisKnight, brings together a range of his work, both conceptual and completed, including Christopher's reimagined studio and a giant sketchbook alongside collaborative examples of his polished, sandblasted, waterjet cut, and laser etched pieces created with expert fabricators.

The works include recent commissions for Medway Council including the Chatham Placemaking Project and flagship development Rochester Riverside.

Making connections between things past and present

Christopher said: "We all store impressions of places we have visited and know intuitively how somewhere makes us feel. I have been creatively ‘looking’ at places since I was child. It’s a habit creatively surveying spaces, gently unpicking them. It is an emotional and personal process. I am fascinated by the way places silently communicate with me and think about how I can communicate that sensibility directly to you. I see social and industrial history trodden into pavements, threshold slabs, worn door handles. I notice texture, colour and context, the expressive language of a building, the characteristic craft & hand of an individual maker.

"Curiosity, interpretation and telling stories are the sharpened tools of my trade. I seek out what might be considered hidden and forgotten, making connections between things past and present and forging new spaces and ways of making."                                                                                                   

The ‘unpicking places: ways of making’ exhibition will be on display at Rochester Art Gallery, inside the Visitor Information Centre in Rochester High Street from Friday, 29 July.

Meet Christopher at the gallery for a sneak preview of the exhibition on Thursday, 28 July, between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

The exhibition will be on display until Friday, 14 October.

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