Published: Tuesday, 22nd November 2022

We have joined councils across the UK to form a new virtual team for the FIFA World Cup which aims to achieve just one goal - to recruit more foster carers.

We are one of 26 local authorities from across the UK which has joined Local Councils United, a virtual team, which will share clips on social media during each day of the tournament explaining why people should foster with their local council and help a young person achieve their goal.

Foster carers provide a safe home environment for children and young people which offers support, stability, care and protection. Becoming a foster carer is about supporting a child to grow and develop and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Football teams, carers, young people and families will all be featured in the clips during the FIFA World Cup campaign using the hashtag #FosterWithYourCouncil2022.

Raising awareness of the importance of fostering

Cllr Josie Iles, Medway Council’s Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “We are incredibly proud to be teaming up with councils across the country to raise awareness of the importance of fostering. By becoming a foster carer you can help a child in care reach their goals and make a real difference. I would encourage any Medway residents who are thinking about fostering to contact our friendly team and find out more.”

Northumberland County Council kicked off the campaign on Monday, 21 November and we will provide the final video on day 28 – Saturday, 17 December.

Filmed at our new 3G football pitch at Watling Park Football Centre in Gillingham, Medway’s video including a very intense amateur game of football and a cake.

Highlighting the amazing difference a foster carer can have

A Medway Council foster carer said: “This national fostering awareness campaign highlights the amazing difference a great foster carer can have on a child’s life. The challenge calls for all local authorities and their fostering families to come together, as one big, united community. We all have the same recruitment challenges and messages. Therefore, this viral challenge reinforces our joint national recruitment messages, highlighting why someone should consider fostering for their Local Authority. To my family, being a fostering family has always been about offering attention and time, making children feel safe and secure and making them smile and being there when they are sad.”

Our fostering Facebook page will be sharing videos each day throughout the FIFA World Cup.

Find out more about fostering in Medway.

Have you heard about child-friendly Medway? 

We have lots of facilities and provide a number of opportunities for all of Medway's children and young people. Providing the best start in life for children and young people and helping them reach their goals supports the council's work to make Medway even more child-friendly. Find out more.

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