Published: Tuesday, 19th June 2018

A project to reduce litter at Chatham Waterfront Bus Station begins this month.

Medway Council recently launched a street survey with passers-by to get their views on the issue and to look at ways we can improve litter facilities.

Over the next six months, we will be working in many different ways reduce litter, including additional cigarette butt and litter bins, improved signage, closer work with Arriva Bus colleagues, more thorough cleansing procedures with our waste collection service Veolia, and much more.

The work is part of a £10k grant awarded by The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to raise awareness of general litter and cigarette butt waste around Chatham Waterfront Bus Station. The project will hopefully have a long-lasting impact on the cleanliness of the bus station, which opened in October 2011.

Environmental Officer Graham Gosden is helping run the survey: “It's a really key project for us. We're going to be regularly monitoring the effect of the work that we carry out over the next six months to measure the impact. It will also test ideas and influence litter control methods for the future”.

Look out for more details of the project in a future update.

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