Published: Monday, 9th July 2018

The litter project at Chatham Bus Station rolls on.

We've installed one cigarette butt bin at Chatham Bus Station and it’s not an ordinary bin - there’s a question to be answered. Smokers choose their answer by disposing the butt into their selected bin.

It's a quirky addition to try and help reduce the amount of cigarette butts found at the bus station.

Graham Gosden, Recycling Officer at Medway Council, is helping run the project: 'The new bins will help smokers stop and think about the importance of putting their butts into bins - we want to have a bit of fun with it while keeping a large amount of butts off the streets'.

The project continues through the rest of the summer and autumn, with signage set to be installed soon while improved street cleansing procedures are being carried out, including more regular litter collections.

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