Published: Tuesday, 7th August 2018

Under an exciting initiative made possible by the new sponsorship partnership between Medway Council and Gillingham Football Club (GFC), schools, community groups, charities and voluntary organisations across Medway now have the opportunity to apply for free tickets to matches at Medway Priestfield Stadium.

A ballot for 50 tickets will be held each month for charities, community groups, schools and other groups. It will be drawn on the first working day of each month, offering free match day tickets to home league games the following month. The tickets are to be intended to be made available to people who might not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend matches, allowing them to enjoy the experience of supporting our local team.

The provision of tickets for community use was one of the key parts of the sponsorship agreement between Medway Council and GFC which is for one year and will benefit grassroots and professional sport in Medway. The deal involved no financial payment from Medway Council to GFC and hence no burden on the council tax payer. The partnership also consists of other non-financial benefits such as offering GFC the use of the council’s green spaces. In return, GFC is providing match day tickets for the 2018/19 season for the council to donate to some of the residents it supports.

Leader of Medway Council, Cllr Alan Jarrett, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity as part of our sponsorship of Gillingham Football Club. Community sits at the heart of our partnership, and our initiative to widen participation in sport is part of our commitment to the local community. The ballot is a special way to celebrate our dual anniversary of 20 years of Medway Council and 125 years of Gillingham Football Club.”

In order to enter the blind ballot and have a chance of receiving these free tickets, organisations need to complete a simple application form online.

Register for the ballot

The ballot is only open to eligible community groups, schools, organisations and charities. Terms and conditions apply.


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