Published: Thursday, 6th December 2018

Loading restrictions will be in force on Medway City Estate from the new year in response to concerns about congestion.

Medway Council has carried out two public consultations in the past year - the first with businesses and the second with employees on the estate - to explore options to help improve journey times travelling on and off Medway City Estate during rush hour.

More than 400 people who work on Medway City Estate responded to the latest consultation, and following the feedback an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order will be put in place on Anthony’s Way to prevent vehicles from stopping to load and unload during rush hour. There are already parking restrictions in place on Anthony’s Way preventing vehicles from parking on double yellow lines at any time and between the hours of 7am to 9.30am and 3.30pm to 6.30pm on single yellow lines, Monday to Saturday.  The loading restrictions, which will be implemented from Monday, 14 January 2019, will mirror the hours of the existing parking restrictions and will be trialled for 18 months. During the first six months the public are welcome to formally make any objections or observations. All businesses fronting the new loading restrictions on Medway City Estate have been contacted with details. 

Exploring other options

Michael Edwards, Medway Council’s Head of Integrated Transport, said: “We are keen to do all we can to help improve journey times for those working on Medway City Estate. Although, many of the roads on the estate are privately owned by the original developers, we do have control over Anthony’s Way. Parking restrictions are already in place on Anthony’s Way, but during the consultations a number of concerns related to lorries blocking part of the road. Following the feedback, we have put plans in place to trial new restrictions which prevent lorries from loading or unloading on Anthony’s Way during rush hour. We will be monitoring the effect of the new restrictions, but we would also be keen to hear from those who travel to and from Medway City Estate during the first six months.

“Although we are limited on what else we can do to help alleviate traffic, we are exploring other options in addition to existing traffic measures. The traffic signals at the westbound entrance to Medway Tunnel, which holds traffic on A289, continue to be used and do have some impact on improving traffic flow on and off the estate. Motorists are also able to sign-up to live traffic alerts to stay up-to-date on delays, as well as view our CCTV cameras which show the roads around the estate.”

Businesses and motorists are also encouraged to take some steps to help reduce the number of people travelling to and from work on their own. A car share scheme is in place in Medway to help reduce the number of vehicles on the roads - for more information visit, Some companies also have a fleet of pool cars for their staff to use during the day, allowing them to travel to and from work by other methods, such as by foot, bicycle or bus. Flexible working is also encouraged in some businesses, where possible, allowing staff to start and finish work outside of rush hour, or to occasionally work from home. 

To sign-up to the traffic alerts and to view the CCTV cameras, visit

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