Published: Thursday, 6th December 2018

Look out for your neighbours over Christmas and New Year 

No one wants to be alone, especially at Christmas. Age UK research found that half a million older people in the UK spend five or six days a week not seeing or speaking to anyone. 
Get to know your neighbours or someone you think could be on their own this festive season. If you are new to Medway or getting used to a new home following a recent move, getting to know your neighbours can be hugely rewarding – plus you might make some new friends for life. 
Here’s a couple of ways to build friendships this Christmas:
  • Drop a Christmas card round – hand it to your neighbour rather than posting it (a great way to check they’re ok). 
  • Got some spare lights or decs? Give these to your neighbour (another way to spark up your conversation). 
  • Having an early Christmas get-together? Invite them over for a buffet or an evening drink. 
There’s lots of ways to stay connected over the Christmas period, with clubs and activities another way to make new friends. The Medway Health Walks and Cycling Programmes will be running over the Christmas and New Year period and are open to all ages. 

Make new friends for life

Robin Bourner is one of the walking leaders who runs the Cuxton group. He said: “Each route takes between 45 and 75 minutes, aimed at all sorts of ages and it really does keep you fit and you make new friends for life.” 
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