Published: Friday, 1st March 2019

We’re taking the ‘spring clean’ concept out onto the streets and you can get involved.

The ‘Great British Spring Clean’ event is coming this spring and sees two weekends of litter-picks in locations across Medway.

Last year, we collected 277 bags of litter, equalling a huge two tonnes. That’s the same weight as a giraffe.

We want to be head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to being litter-free – help join in the clean-ups this year and help keep Medway clean and green. 

When it's happening

We’ve organised 19 clean-up events in total. Take part in a clean-up near you. Litter pickers, refuse sacks and disposable gloves will be available. We recommend bringing some spare gloves just in case we run out.

Friday 22 March 2019

  • 9am: Fort Pitt Street (meeting point: 8.50am outside Fort Pitt Street and Ordnance Terrace)
  • 1pm: Horsted Valley - Scout Hut (meeting point: 12.50pm at Valley Drive outside Scout Hut)
  • 1pm: Riverside Country Park (meeting point: 12.50pm at car park)
  • 2pm: Prince Arthur Park (meeting point: 1.50pm at Medway Park car park)
  • 3pm: Archer Road/Lordswood Lane (meeting point: 2.50pm at junction of Archer Road and Lordswood Lane)

Saturday 23 March

  • 9am: Orchard Street, Rainham (meeting point: 8.50am outside St Margaret’s School)
  • 10am: Esplanade Rochester (meeting point: 9.50pm outside Rochester Cruising Club)
  • 10am: Holy Trinity Church, Twydall (meeting point: 9.50pm at church car park)
  • 11am: Foxburrow Wood (meeting point: 10.50am at Mierscourt Road)
  • 1pm: Gillingham Green (meeting point: 12.50pm at the church entrance at Gillingham Green)
  • 1pm: Star Lane/Darland Banks (meeting point: 12.50pm at car park area at the end of Darland Avenue)
  • 3pm: Rainham Recreation Centre (meeting point: 2.50pm at train station car park near to changing rooms)

Friday 12 April

  • 11am to 2pm: Luton Arches and surrounding areas (meeting point: 10.50am at Big Local Shop on Luton Road)
  • 1pm to 2pm: Twydall High Street (meeting point: 12.50pm at the car park next to the Post Office)
  • 3pm: Freshwater Rd/Heron Way (meeting point: 2.50pm at the junction of Freshwater Road and Heron Lane)

Saturday 13 April

  • 10am: Medway Gate (meeting point: 9.50pm at Silverstreak Way)
  • 11.30am: Upper Upnor Car Park (meeting point: 11.20pm at car park)
  • 1pm: Hillyfields (meeting point: 12:50pm at park entrance at Rosebury Road)
  • 3pm: Marlborough Road (meeting point: 2.50pm at the junction of Marlborough Road and York Avenue)

More about the event

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We look forward to seeing you there. 

Suggest future litterpick locations by emailing us at with details. We'll then phone you to discuss your suggestion.

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