Published: Thursday, 23rd May 2019

Everyone wanting to visit Medway’s Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will need to bring ID with them from Monday, 3 June.

Following further discussions with Kent County Council (KCC) it has been agreed that KCC residents will continue to have access to Medway’s three HWRCs after Monday 3 June, for the next 18 months.

Earlier this month it was announced that, following KCC’s decision to charge Kent residents to dispose of certain materials at their HWRCs, Medway Council would be making changes to the centres in Capstone, Cuxton and Gillingham.

Medway Council has always been committed to ensuring that Medway residents do not have to pay at any of Medway’s three HWRCs.

All residents will need to bring one form of ID with them if they wish to use the centres and their full postcodes will be recorded to enable us to identify and monitor usage by KCC residents.

This ID could be a:

  • Council Tax bill from the current Council Tax financial year
  • driving licence (a photocard or paper licence will be accepted)
  • utility bill* (gas, electric or water)
  • TV licence less*
  • bank or building society statement*
  • benefits award statement*
  • letter from HMRC or the home office*

*less than a year old

Staff at Medway’s HWRCs will ask residents to show their identification at the entrance of each site.

To help ensure this process runs smoothly, each site will be closed to make changes to site entrances. The Hoath Way centre is currently closed and is anticipated to reopen from Monday 24 June.

Protecting our local environment

Leader of Medway Council, Cllr Alan Jarrett, said: “Medway residents are always at the heart of what we do and we are committed to ensuring that our residents do not have to pay at our recycling centres. We are pleased to have come to a pragmatic, sensible agreement with Kent County Council to ensure that our centres will also remain open to residents living in the Kent area. This will particularly benefit residents who live on the outskirts of Medway on our boundary with Kent County Council.

“It’s incredibly important to us that we all continue to dispose of our waste responsibly to protect our local environment. Allowing KCC residents access to our centres for the next 18 months will give KCC time to bring forward its own facilities to meet the needs of Kent residents.”

Medway’s centres offer an easy way to recycle as residents can dispose of more than 30 types of materials including scrap metal, wood and clothing.

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