Published: Wednesday, 29th May 2019

You could become a Shared Lives host and support an adult with additional needs.

The scheme gives adults with learning difficulties or a disability the extra support they need, such as learning new skills, cooking or making new friends. It provides them with personalised care within a family, giving them the opportunity to live more independently rather than in institutional care.
The role is paid and is extremely rewarding, as Linda, who is in her 60s, found out when she became a Shared Lives host to Sandra, also in her 60s, and who has a learning disability. Linda decided she wanted a slower pace of life after working as a foster carer, but was keen to stay active and have an income. After a three month assessment process she became a Shared Lives host and was introduced to Sandra, who had been living with her mother until she was no longer able to care for her.
Linda said: “It makes me very contented knowing I’m helping Sandra.”
If you want to find out more about joining our amazing Shared Lives hosts, visit or phone 01634 337100. 
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