Published: Thursday, 11th June 2020

A statement from the Leader of Medway Council, Cllr Alan Jarrett.

Cllr Jarrett said: "We recognise and appreciate that this is an issue that has stirred national emotions. Medway has a long-standing and rich military and cultural heritage but it is right that we should take the opportunity in due course to reflect on the names of historic and cultural landmarks in Medway. Although we cannot re-write history, we can consider the present day cultural links to historical figures that may now be considered more controversial in 2020.

"We are very proud of our diverse and multicultural communities that make Medway the special place it is today and we must recognise and celebrate this in all we do.

"At this current time, however, local people will understand that many of our resources are still fully prioritised in responding to, and leading local recovery, from the coronavirus pandemic, but we will look into this further and would like to thank communities across Medway for their understanding and patience during this time."

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