Published: Monday, 3rd August 2020

A new £6million loan scheme from Kent County Council and Medway Council launches today (Monday) to support businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are three different schemes running – the Kent and Medway Business Fund (KMBF) Recovery Loan, providing 0% loans between £50,000 and £100,000 and available to help small and medium businesses recover and return to growth.

Loans of the same amount will be available through the KMBF Capital Growth Loan, allowing owners to, for example, buy plant and equipment or hire new staff.

Thirdly, the KMBF, which opens on August 17, offers 0% loans between £101,000 and £500,000 and is open to small and medium sized businesses (SME) in Kent and Medway.

Medway's Portfolio Holder for Economic Growth, Jane Chitty

Portfolio Holder of Planning, Economic Growth and Regulation at Medway Council Cllr Jane Chitty said: “We have continued to provide advice and financial support to businesses throughout the pandemic, and I am pleased that there is new support available to further rebuild our economy.

“The Kent and Medway Business Fund is offering zero per cent loans to help small and medium businesses recover and return to growth.

“We recognise the importance of doing everything we can to support Medway’s businesses and provide our residents with job opportunities, and I would encourage businesses which have been affected by the pandemic and would benefit from one of the loan schemes to apply as soon as possible.

“We will continue to do all we can to further help businesses get back on their feet and support the economic recovery in Kent and Medway to build a sustainable future.”

Kent's Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Mike Whiting

KCC Cabinet Member for Economic Development Mike Whiting said “It’s important that businesses in the county get as much support as possible to move on from the impact of Covid-19 and being able to offer these loans is fantastic news. 

"It can help to develop new or expand existing products, services or processes. This in turn can lead to new and protect existing jobs, deliver business growth and improve productivity.

“Many businesses in Kent and Medway have been hit incredibly hard by the effects of the pandemic and anything that we can do to support them we will.

“We recognise that we need to take urgent action now to safeguard jobs and futures.

“Whether businesses in Kent and Medway are small or large they form a vital part of our local economy and I am pleased that these new loan schemes can offer financial support to those businesses that are really in need in these difficult times.

“I urge all eligible businesses to apply for these loans as soon as they can, so that we help the Kent economy to move forward into recovery.”

Chairman of Kent and Medway Business Fund, Paul Carter

Chairman of the KMBF Investment Advisory Board Paul Carter said: “The new loan funds on offer, the KMBF Recovery Loan and the KMBF Capital Growth Loan, are designed to help and support Kent businesses to survive the impact of Covid-19.

“Over the last nine years the Kent Growth Fund has helped and supported numerous businesses to thrive, grow and take on more staff.

“The additional funding made available will be much needed in these difficult and challenging times.”

Apply for financial support 

Businesses can find out more about how to apply for financial support by visiting: Kent and Medway Business Fund  

Medway Council's coronavirus support

We have processed and issued grants of more than £35million to businesses in need of financial support during the pandemic, as well as more than £1.6million to small businesses as part of the government’s discretionary grant scheme.

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