Published: Thursday, 15th October 2020

We have allocated £10,000 of developer contributions to support the work of the Safer Medway Partnership. 

The partnership, which was formed 12 years ago with support of Medway Council and Kent Police, aims to reduce shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in town centres across Medway. 
Many of Medway’s shop keepers are members of the partnership and are connected by radio to each other, the police and Medway’s CCTV operators. Members share details of shoplifters as well as those causing anti-social behaviour in the night-time economy to protect their business and keep it a safe environment for their customers.

Keeping our town centres a safe place to live, work, learn and visit

Cllr Adrian Gulvin, Portfolio Holder covering the Community Safety Partnership at Medway Council, said: “Medway’s high streets are a vital part of our communities and the funding, from Section 106 contributions, will further support the work of the Safer Medway Partnership in helping to keep our town centres a safe place to live, work, learn and visit. The partnership is a useful tool in helping to connect Medway’s businesses to the council and police, to share information and help protect them from shoplifters and those causing anti-social behaviour. 

“We are committed to doing all we can to help our high streets thrive and we’ve put a number of our own social distancing measures in place so people can shop safely in Medway during the ongoing pandemic. I’d encourage residents to shop in Medway to support local businesses during these challenging times, especially as the festive season approaches. Our high streets are filled with bespoke shops and well-known stores providing the ideal opportunity to find the perfect gift for all the family.”

'Huge benefit to Medway'

The Safer Medway Partnership, which is a non-profit organisation, represents at town centre forums in Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham and the Love Chatham Committee which is working to promote the historic town. 
John Brice, manager of the Safer Medway Partnership, said: “The Safer Medway Partnership is recognised as providing a positive contribution to the well-being of people who spend their time in our community.

“Working with a wide range of organisations, our exchange of intelligence and communication network is a huge benefit to Medway.

“During the coronavirus pandemic, the future of the non-profit organisation was put into question because we operate on a hand-to-mouth basis. This injection of cash from Medway Council now puts us on a sound footing.”

Preventing crime and disorder in town centres

Kent Police’s town centre officers and PCSOs carry a Safer Medway Partnership radio and have access to the extensive intelligence network. 

Inspector Matthew Burbeck of the Medway Community Safety Unit said: “We are committed to the ongoing work of The Safer Medway Partnership to ensure our town centre remains a safe place to live, work and visit. Officers and PCSOs continue to work closely with partners, businesses and retailers to prevent crime and disorder in the town and carry a Safer Medway Partnership radio to exchange information and ensure a prompt response to any incidents. This additional funding is welcome as we continue this vital work.”

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