Holiday hampers for Medway soldiers spread Christmas cheer | Medway Council
Published: Tuesday, 22nd December 2020

Last week soldiers working as part of the Medway Resilience Unit (MRU) delivering asymptomatic Coronavirus testing received a generous gift from an Armed Forces charity.

Soldiers from across all four testing sites in Medway were greeted with large hampers full of festive treats, such as mince pies, cheeses and chocolates, benevolently donated by the Royal Engineers Association.

A ‘Santa substitute’ from the association dropped off the hampers at the Royal Engineers museum, where the MRU HQ sped like sleighs to deliver the brimful boxes to troops.

The Association acts as a link between serving and retired members of the Corps and provides financial and other assistance to serving and former members of the Corps, their spouses, widows and dependents who are in need.

The hampers were a welcome refreshment after a busy few weeks on task, where over 26,000 tests have been conducted across the four sites and pop up testing centres.

The troops were overjoyed

Warrant Officer Class One Lee Payne, Regimental Sergeant Major for the Medway Resilience Unit said: "The REA have been key supporters to me and the Regiment, and the troops were overjoyed with the hampers that they provided. It’s been a demanding few weeks for the soldiers on task, where they have not only had to keep their own spirits high, but those of the public they are serving. The hampers meant a lot and were great for morale!"

Units from across the Armed Forces have been working over the past several weeks to support Medway Council and their Director of Public Health with the delivery of community targeted testing.

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