The government has ordered many businesses and venues to close to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.

If you are concerned that a Medway business or venue is breaching coronavirus rules you can tell us. These breaches may include:  

  • remaining open when the government has said they should close 
  • remaining open but not following social distancing guidelines
  • health and safety, for example expecting their staff to work when they should self-isolate 

Our Trading Standards and Environmental Health teams can investigate these concerns.

Government guidelines 

The government has published a list explaining what types of businesses can and cannot remain open.

Before you report a concern, please read the following government guidance on GOV.UK:

Before you start 

This form is to report businesses or venues in Medway only. 

You’ll need to provide the following information:  

  • the name of the business 
  • the address or location of the business 
  • details of the breach

You can also upload evidence to support your concern, for example a photo of the business premises.

Report a concern about a business

Report individuals or groups

Contact Kent Police to report individuals or groups of people breaching coronavirus rules. We are unable to act on this type of report.