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Connected Kent and Medway

The Kent and Medway Connected Smartcard is a new way to pay for travel on buses in Kent and Medway.

The smartcard can store tickets and credit and can be used to pay for travel on bus instead of cash, similar to 'Oyster' style cards.

Buses you can use the smartcard on

The smartcard can only be used on:Connected Kent and Medway card

  • ASD Coaches
  • Autocar
  • Chalkwell
  • Farleigh Coaches
  • Go-coach
  • Nu-Venture

It can't be used on Arriva buses.

Park and ride services also aren't included.

Apply for a smartcard

You can find out more information and apply for a smartcard online.

The card is free, but to get going you must buy £10 credit online.

The Travel Information Centre at Chatham Waterfront Bus Station does have a limited supply of Smartcards. These don't have any credit on them so they need to be topped up on a bus before use. We recommend you register the card online and consider the auto top up option.

How to top up

There are a few ways you can top up your card once you have received it:

  • set it up to 'auto top up' - this means when the card falls below a certain balance, it is automatically topped up by a pre-selected amount from your debit or credit card. This makes sure you never run out of credit
  • on the bus - give your driver cash and this amount will be added to your card
  • at retail outlets - check the Connected website to see what retail outlets you can top up at. Unfortunately we're unable to top up cards directly at Chatham Waterfront Bus Station currently, so please top up on a bus or use the auto top up option.  


Get further help

If you need more information or help setting up a card you can: