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Chatham alcohol control zone

Map of the Chatham alcohol control zoneMedway Council, in partnership with Medway police, controls anti-social behaviour and street drinking in Chatham through an alcohol control zone.

Residents and businesses were consulted before the zone was set up in January 2007 and they told the council that they would fully support it.

Much vandalism and anti-social behaviour is alcohol-related. The alcohol control zone in Chatham helps reduce anti-social behaviour and makes a real difference for people living, working and shopping in the area. The zone was the second in Medway. The first was introduced in Rochester in 2003.

The order does not mean a blanket ban on drinking in public in Chatham but does mean a police officer or authorised council officer can prevent anyone drinking alcohol if they are behaving anti-socially. They also have the power to confiscate and dispose of alcohol and fine people up to £500 – failure to comply can lead to arrest.

Select the map above for a larger map showing the area of the zone.

Pubs and clubs in the area are not affected by the ban as long as drinking takes place within their premises.

The roads that are included in the proposed alcohol control zone are:

Afghan Road Fort Pitt Street Medway Street Rope Walk
Bardell Terrace Furrells Road Military Road Ship Lane
Best Street Globe Lane New Cut Sir John Hawkins Way
Blue Boar Lane Gundulph Road New Road Solomons Road
Boundary Road Hamond Hill New Road Avenue The Brook
Bryant Street Hards Town Old Road Westmount Avenue
Carpeaux Close High Street Ordnance Street The Paddock
Charles Street Hillside Road Orange Terrace Union Street
City Way Institute Road Otway Street Upbury Way
Clover Street King Street Prospect Row  
Cross Street Lines Terrace Railway Street  
Eldon Street Manor Road Richard Street  
Fort Pitt Hill Whiffens Avenue Rome Terrace