Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO)

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced several new tools and powers for use by councils and their partners to address anti-social behaviour (ASB) in their local areas.

These tools replaced and streamlined a number of previous measures. They were brought in as part of a government commitment to put victims at the centre of approaches to tackling ASB. The tools focussed on the impact behaviour can have on both communities and individuals, particularly on the most vulnerable.

Powers to create PSPOs came into force in October 2014. As well as enabling local councils to address a range of different issues, the orders replace Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) and Dog Control Orders. These automatically became PSPOs on 20 October 2017.

Existing PSPOs

The following areas have a PSPO in place:

  • Strood
  • Rochester
  • Chatham
  • Gillingham.

This allows us to continue to address alcohol related anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues. It also helps us to improve community safety and the local environment in this area.

The PSPO proposes a continuation of the prohibition on the drinking of alcohol within the area. This restricts drinking alcohol in public places in an anti-social way, for example in the street.

This will not stop the consumption of alcohol in any area licensed for the sale and supply of alcohol during normal licensing hours, such as a bar within the area covered by a PSPO.

Drinking alcohol in public

The order does not mean a blanket ban on drinking in public, but does mean that a police officer, police community support officer (PCSO) or authorised council officer can prevent you drinking alcohol if you're behaving anti-socially. They also have the power to confiscate and dispose of your alcohol and fine you up to £500. If you fail to comply you can be arrested.

Pubs, restaurants and off licences do not form part of the PSPO. Areas covered by a temporary event notice for alcohol sales or a local council premises licence are only exempt from the PSPO while alcohol is being served and for 30 minutes after.

PSPO breaches

If a person is seen to not comply with the order they will be in breach.

A police officer, PCSO or authorised council officer will explain to them that they are in a PSPO Zone. 

The officer can issue them with a Fixed Penalty Notice if they do not comply within a reasonable time after being advised and warned.

Contact us

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Or write to:

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