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Report a problem with lighting including minor damage to lamp posts, faulty lamp posts, insufficient lighting and festive lighting.

If you are concerned about health and safety due to damage or exposed electrical components, phone 01634 33 33 33 to report it as a priority.

Popular lighting questions

How long do repairs take?

Our maintenance contractor allows for up to 5 days for the first visit. They will attempt to repair the column on the first visit, however, some lamps will require further work and parts ordered so this will take longer amount of time.

Are faults prioritised in order of urgency?

The following criteria is considered:

  • night-time usage near clubs or pubs
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • high crime areas
  • main roads
  • roundabouts
  • alleys

Can I request an extra light outside my house/garage/alley?

No funds are made available to improve or upgrade lighting, unless it is for a scheme, such as traffic calming or safety. Street lighting is also not provided solely for security reasons.

Can I request a light be moved to build a drive?

Occasionally existing lamp posts will be obstructing a new driveway or dropped kerb. When we receive a request for a dropped kerb, we will inspect the site and establish any lighting problems. We will then send out a quotation for the cost of the light to be relocated.

I believe my car was broken into because the light is out. Is the council responsible?

No, road lighting shouldn't be relied upon to provide security for cars or housing. Its prime purpose is to provide a safe environment for the movement of road users.

A tree is overhanging the light; making it very dark. Can it be removed?

We will inspect the problem and if the tree is in private property, we will write to the owner asking for it to be trimmed. If we own the tree, the arboriculture officer will be asked to visit the site. Both trees and lighting are part of the street scene and occasionally there must be a compromise on providing good lighting and trimming/removing of established trees.

I want the light outside my house shielded. Who can I contact about this?

Shielding light from lighting columns is undesirable. However, it is understandable that in certain circumstances a resident may feel that shielding the lantern is the only solution to the situation. Phone 01634 33 33 33 for more information.

A new lamp post has been put up outside my house and I don't want it there. Is there anything I can do?

New columns are placed on the road, normally at the back of the pavement. They should not obstruct any existing access to private property. It is increasingly difficult to place columns in the road due to the amount of services in the pavement and occasionally a position that is not ideal has to be used.

To request a lamp post move phone 01634 33 33 33. We will decide if the request is viable and inform of the costs to move it.

If the lighting in the whole road is to be replaced a consultation letter will be sent to the residents for their views.

The lamp post was knocked down. When will it be put back?

Unfortunately, vehicle damage to columns is a fairly regular occurrence. Lamp posts are disconnected from the mains supply and removed as soon as possible after notification of the incident. We will arrange for a new column to be installed and reconnected to the mains by UK Power Networks. This work can take in total some eight weeks due to the time allowed to the contractor and UK Power Network's charter time.

Why has the light in my road been changed to a different type?

The type of column used is sometimes changed. This may be a different type of lamp (which will change the light colour) or the height of the column. Most changes are to improve the efficiency of the column using modern lanterns and lamp types at the best height for the class of road.

How often do you check for faults?

Our lighting contractor employs a night scout and all lighting adjacent to roads is checked for faults every three weeks in the summer and every two weeks in the winter. Lamps in alleys are not normally checked unless there is a known problem.