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Advice on buying a grave

The choice and location of a grave is very personal and people may wish to consider the following before making a choice:

  • Would the council’s choice of location be acceptable?
  • Would a specific spot, perhaps near family members be preferred?
  • Are you likely to move in the near future?
  • Some of the areas of the cemeteries are designated as woodland, lawn or semi-lawn. These may not be suitable for all types of memorial
  • The grave is the final resting place for the deceased and once a burial has taken place, the decision can not be easily changed
  • When a grave has been bought, it will be possible to use the grave for interments but the space above and surrounding it remains the property of the council and ownership does not automatically entitle anyone to any form of memorial

Cemetery fees

Find out how much we charge for buying and digging graves, memorials and more.