A still-born child is one who is born after at least 24 weeks of pregnancy and who never showed any sign of life after birth, providing that the baby was alive at 24 weeks.

However, if the birth takes place after 24 weeks but the baby has died before 24 weeks, then the birth is not treated as a still-birth and no registration is made.

Registrations should normally be made within 42 days.

A medical certificate of still-birth will be issued by a doctor or midwife and this will need to be produced to the registrar when making the registration.

Book an appointment to register a stillbirth

To book an appointment to register a stillbirth call us on 01634 338 998

Who can register a stillbirth

Find out who can register a stillbirth at GOV.UK

If neither parent can attend

If it is not possible to attend the Medway Register Office, the registration may be made by visiting any registrar’s office in England and Wales to make a declaration.

This is a statement that the local registrar will send to the Medway Register Office where the registration will be made. In this case, the relevant documents will be sent by post, as soon as possible.

Registrars at Medway are able to take declarations for still-births which take place outside the Medway area.