Cremation and burial forms

Cremation forms

You may need one or more of the below forms. They are needed if you are arranging a funeral in order to notify the crematorium about a burial or cremation.  Many of these forms are forms prescribed by statute and must be used as provided.

Preliminary application form for cremation

Application for Cremation

Application for Cremation of Stillborn Baby

Certificate of Stillbirth

Application for Cremation of Body Parts

Medical Certificate forms 4, 5 and 10 for Cremation

Burial or interment application form

Interment application form


Guidance and forms from the Ministry of Justice for Funeral Directors, Doctors, Medical Referees and Applicants.

Guidance for Funeral Directors

Guidance for Doctors

Guidance for Medical referees

Guidance for Applicants

This guidance together with copies of application forms are also available from the Ministry of Justice website.