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The Civil Contingencies Act 2004

A full guide to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004  can be found on the UK Resilience website. It requires all local authorities to have emergency plans in place and identifies two categories of responders to an emergency. Local authorities are defined as Category 1 Responders. This means that they must:

  • assess the local risks of an emergency occurring
  • put in place emergency plans
  • maintain and test plans to ensure it can continue to perform its functions in the event of an emergency: this is known as business continuity
  • put in place arrangements to warn and advise the public
  • provide civil protection
  • promote business continuity to the wider community

As a Category 1 Responder, Medway Council is a member of the Kent Resilience Forum (KRF), which has produced a Community Risk Register that includes all of Medway and Kent.